General Price List

When someone you love dies, you’re confronted with dozens of decisions about the funeral ­— all of which must usually be made quickly and often under great emotional stress.

You face questions like:

  • What kind of service should it be?
  • Should you choose burial or cremation?
  • What are you legally required to buy?
  • What other arrangements should you make?
  • And how much is it all going to cost?

Sometimes, there is a pre-need plan in place, and many of these decisions are taken out of your hands. However, every year many people come to us faced with these questions.

The Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency, wants you to know that when you arrange for a funeral, it is your right to receive a copy of a funeral home’s General Price List, which lists all the items and services the home offers, and the cost of each one.

  • It is their responsibility to provide you with the GPL that is yours to keep before any conversation about cost begins.
  • You must also receive a written casket price list. Sometimes, detailed casket price information is included on the funeral home’s GPL. More often, though, it’s provided on a separate casket price list.
  • They must also provide you with an outer burial container price list. Again, sometimes the GPL lists the prices for available outer burial containers, but if it does not, you have the right to a separate container price list.

Click here to download our General Price List (.pdf)

For more information on the Federal Trade Commission, and the Funeral Rule, visit their website. For more comprehensive information about the Funeral Rule, see Funerals: a Consumer Guide. The Guide, written by the FTC, includes a price checklist, glossary of terms, a description of services, information sources, and a list of questions to ask funeral professionals.

We want you to be completely comfortable, and confident that you’ve made the right decision to come to us, when you sit down with one of our funeral professionals to arrange a funeral or memorial service. If you have any questions about our services, products, or prices, prior to coming to our offices, please call (270) 843-2336.